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Mon 21 October 2019
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About Us

The Rushmoor Neighbourhood Watch Association (RNWA) is a collaboration between the Police, Rushmoor Borough Council (Safer Rushmoor) and the residents of Rushmoor.
Our purpose is to set-up and maintain Neighbourhood Watch schemes to monitor and help reduce crime in the community.

Structure and Governance

An Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) was called 3rd January 2018 to reinvigorate the stagnating RNWA. 
The following motions were passed:

  1. Establish a Steering Committee.
  2. To operate Neighbourhood Watch Schemes in Rushmoor at a local level ideally by each of the 13 Wards forming a local group known as a Community Forum which allows representation from the local Neighbourhood Watch members, local Councillors, Police and Rushmoor Borough Council representatives, and any other agency necessary to deal with local neighbourhood issues.
  3. Amend the RNWA Constitution accordingly. Note: Version 3 of the RNWA Constitution was published and agreed by the NW membership in March 2018

Goals and Aims

  • To reduce the opportunity for crime and the fear of crime in the community
  • To improve communications between Rushmoor residents, Rushmoor Borough Council & the Police.
  • To Help the Police in their roles of: Crime prevention, Crime detection and Resolution.
  • To alert the Police and other community services to Community problems such as anti-social behaviour, poor street lighting, paths, etc.
  • Encourage neighbours to develop a local community where they keep an eye out for and report unusual events in their area.


A neighbourhood Watch Scheme is a group of residents or neighbours. It can be as few as 5 or 6 homes or as many as 100 or more - it just depends on the layout of the street. One resident is elected to be the Scheme Coordinator.  Residents can join or set-up a scheme using the Hampshire Alert facility. Please see "Neighbourhood Watch in Rushmoor" (below).


Rushmoor Neighbourhood Watch Association consists of a committee of volunteers, set-up to encourage the formation of Neighbourhood Watches and to provide support to help them flourish. Communication between the Association committee and the individual watches is via email, and Hampshire Alert.

Community Forums

Within the Association it is considered good practice to set-up groups of watches into what is known as Local Neighbourhood Watch Community Forums. In Rushmoor these Forums are normally based on the ward structures. Forums mainly consist of Neighbourhood Watch Coordinators/members, residents, Local Councillors and any other organisations which may have an interest in the community.

Police Beats

Police beat structures in Rushmoor are based on Community areas and can cover more than one ward:

Police Beat                        Wards
Aldershot North                 Wellington, Rowhill
Aldershot South                 Manor Park, Aldershot Park, North Town

Farnborough North            Fernhill, Cherrywood
Farnborough West             Cove & Southwood, St. John's, West Heath
Farnborough Central          Empress
Farnborough South            Knellwood, St. Mark's


Whilst RNWA Neighbourhood Watch coordinators will generally provide a communications channel between the community, the council and the police; members of the community should continue to deal with these agencies as they need.The coordinators are able to provide advanced warning of any problems that are detected and of course, it works the other way; the coordinators meet the agencies on a regular basis, via local Forums and Police Community Beat meetings. Communication is at the heart of Neighbourhood Watch, and Hampshire Alert is an effective tool for getting information from the Police and RNWA to members.

Neighbourhood Watch in Rushmoor

If you are interested in registering with Hampshire Alert, and possibly setting-up or joining a NW scheme in Rushmoor, then please contact Ian Davis ( ). He can assist in helping you register and can ensure Schemes are correctly set-up. He has some very good step-by-step guides to help you, and can advise you on matters such as signage for your scheme. 

For more information please contact any of the following:,

Finally, Rushmoor is a relatively low crime area.  Let's keep in that way.
Remember:  "Crime cannot flourish in a community that cares".